This is the section for downloading necessary files required for reprogramming your handset.

Also known as “Flashing”.




Cricket Nationwide Standard PRL – 1042
Cricket Southern California / Arizona Roaming EVDO PRL – 38944
38944 Cali Az Roaming
Cricket Nationwide Non-Roaming Standard EVDO PRL – 1013
Cricket Nationwide Non-Roaming EVDO PRL – 1050

Cricket Albuquerque / NM EVDO PRL – 38515
*Currently unavailable* (if you have this file please email it to us)

Cricket Houston Roaming PRL – 5143
5143 Houston Roaming

Cricket Modesto/Merced/Fresno Roaming PRL (Sacramento Extended Area) – 3136
3136 Extended area

Cricket North Carolina Roaming PRL – 5151
5151 N.C. Roaming

Cricket Ohio Roaming PRL – 5131
5131 Ohio Romaing

Cricket Omaha Roaming PRL – 5112

5112 Omaha Roaming

Cricket Tennessee Roaming PRL – 7743
7743 Tenn. Roaming

Cricket Old PRL zip file (Mostly outdated but will work)

Old PRLs


—Full Flash:

  • HTC

1X Toggle

  • LG

LG Rumor (LG260)

  • Motorola

Motorola Q

  • Palm

Ultimate Cricket Treo







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